"Healthcare" website

Health care - is an information service to check the composition of products for E-additives.

No one modern product can be imagined without food additives. Almost every product offered to us in supermarkets and stores - whether it be croutons, ice cream, juices, semi-finished products, or even the most ordinary loaf of bread - almost always contains E-additives. Whether it is possible to eat such food is only a matter for the buyer himself, who, of course, is not informed about the possible harmfulness of a certain food additive contained in this product. I think not everyone is interested in what he or she eats. Both adults and children do not pay attention to what is written on the packaging.

The purpose of our service is to create an information platform for checking the composition of products for the presence of harmful additives in them.

Our service is designed for people who are interested in their health and, above all, for teenagers, whose diet has become an integral part of fast food, carbonated drinks, juices, chewing gum.

Our service will help you in choosing the food you purchase and will contribute to the preservation of the health of your whole family - many even permitted chemicals, if permissible, are not always useful and necessary in nutrition. Remember - not everything that is sold should be eaten.

We sincerely wish you good health!