Food additives

Quillaya extract (food additive E999) is a light brown powder of natural origin, with a pink hue and astringent pungent taste. The additive E999 is highly soluble in water. In nature, the additive E999 is contained in the bark of the quillaya tree, an 18–meter-tall evergreen plant with green oval leaves. This tree can be found in Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and is cultivated artificially in India. The quillaya plant contains a large amount of saponins - surfactants of plant origin. When the solutions of saonins are shaken, a thick, persistent foam is formed. Due to these properties, the additive E999 is often used as a foaming agent.
The additive E999 is obtained by extracting the inner layer of the bark of trees of the Rosaceae family, using impurities such as tannin, calcium oxalate and some other natural components. The use of the E999 supplement can lead to irritation of the gastrointestinal tract. Large doses of quillaya extract can cause liver damage, convulsions, spasms, respiratory system disorders.
In the food industry, the additive E999 is used as a foaming agent in the production of soft carbonated beverages and beer. In addition, quillaya extract is used in ice cream and sugar confectionery, such as halve. In bakery production, the additive E999 can be used as a moisture-retaining substance in finished products to increase their shelf life.
Other uses of Quillaya extract:
-for medicinal purposes, quillaya preparations have an excellent expectorant effect;
-as an emulsifier in the manufacture of toothpastes;
-it serves as one of the components of hair washing products of a therapeutic nature.
The additive E999 is allowed for use in Russia, Ukraine and most other countries.